Full Wish Pt 1

“I wish I could make you pregnant,” Aylea said in the caressing darkness.

Trinity’s “What?” and the sudden force of hands pressed against Aylea’s chest stopped their love making.

“Nothing,” she said, but it was too late. In the blackness words were armored soldiers.

“No, I want to know what you said.”

“I didn’t say anything,” Aylea tried lamely.

“You said you wanted to make me pregnant.”

Their loins were separated. Their hearts hammered between warring worlds.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.” Aylea stroked Trinity’s hair back from her sweaty temple, but Trinity pushed her hand away. Their bodies were like two curls of smoke rising from diminishing cigarettes, one stream moved toward the other, which backed away before disappearing completely.

“Do you know how disgusting you are?” Trinity asked as she put her pants on.

“Baby, please-” Aylea reached out for Trinity as the yellow knife of hallway light hit her haphazardly clothed body, but it was too late.

“No. Fuck you. I should tell somebody about you. But I won’t. Because-” Trinity looked toward the light, toward humanity. “Because I love you.” Biting her lip, she left.

You don’t love me, Aylea thought. You’re not going to tell anyone because you‘re afraid of what they will think of you. Aylea grabbed the flabby skin at her belly and howled silently in the lonely dark.

With the sun came the rhythmic madness of responsible life. Aylea gave herself a sociopath smile in the full length mirror as she admired her muscular body. The doctor wouldn’t have given it to her had she not been an athlete all her life. “You see,” he told her, “I can only give people the sort of body types they are used to.” She had nodded, agreeing, but not really listening. She could only hear the sound of the light that came rushing through the newly opened door.

She conjured this emotion as she prepared for battle on the football field. Jones rushed at her. He wasn’t afraid of her giant body. He wasn’t afraid of her quick eyes. He wasn’t afraid when she leaned her two-hundred pound frame into his. In fact, he almost escaped her. They collided, muscle smashing into muscle. She wrapped her biceps around him, causing him to stumble, but for a fraction of a second there was a hopeful chance he would escape her grasp. Her business partner, Jamison, had been following Jones with his eyes since the hand off. He planted his foot to the right. The man covering him moved in that direction before he realized Jamison was juking left. The man reached out, pin wheeling, and lost his balance. He did not fall, but it was all Jamison needed in order to lean the other way and put his entire body weight on the ball carrier. The three athletes landed on each other and became intimate with the turf. “Good tackle,” Jamison said, slapping Aylea on her muscular ass as they headed back to the huddle of their team.

“He would’ve made it a couple more yards, at least, if it wasn’t for you,” she said, flashing white teeth above a square jaw.

“What can I say? We make a good team on the field and in the office.”

“Fuck yeah!” she exclaimed as they exchanged high-fives and chest bumps.

In the shower they exchanged their problems and triumphs with women. “Hey, no peeking,” she scolded Jamison when his eyes left hers.

“I just wanted to make sure I’m the biggest fish around here. The head honcho. Looks like I’m right.”

“You may be a tiny bit bigger, but mine gets far more use.” The locker room amplified the echos of their laughter. Only the executive who hired her knew her original gender. And, of course, Trinity. But it was against the law for a corporation to reveal a person’s original gender. Trinity could out her to her co-workers, but she would face social disapproval. Plus, that wasn’t the secret that Aylea was most worried about keeping.

“Full Wish Pt 2” http://wp.me/p2y5v2-C


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