Full Wish Pt 2


Aylea and Jamison went to the masseuse to rub away the mental and physical aches before spending the evening walking through the community park. They entered the tent of newborns that was set up every spring for soon-to-be parents. Jamison said the babies always reminded him that new things were developing every day. Cradles of living life forms kicked at the sky. “You don’t seem like yourself lately,” Jamison pointed out.

Aylea shrugged her heavy shoulders. “I’m cool. Just adjusting to single life again.”

Jamison nodded sympathetically.

Couples perused through the aisles, their eyes examining the peach-soft babies with the air of shopping for a spring dress. “Did you guys ever come here?” Jamison asked.

Aylea stopped and put her hands on one of the cradles. She looked down into the cradles of bottles and blankets and nodded.

Jamison put a hand on her shoulder. “I understand. Look, if you couldn’t pick one out together, then it probably wasn’t meant to be.”

Aylea let go of the cradle and turned her palms up to her face. They were huge, like blocks of stone. She thought that if she had the hands of a man she could move mountains. She already had the heart, the spirit, the bravery to conquer everything. All she needed was the hands and she would move every mountain in the world. But she couldn’t move this one. There was a time, centuries ago, when she couldn’t marry Trinity if she wanted to, a time when the government sought to protect their idea of sanctity by not allowing people like her, people who were in love, to be recognized as a married couple. That time was gone, along with her great-great-grandfather. But back then a man, or woman could be in love with a big-bellied woman. They could be swollen with the seed of their love. They could witness its first breath. They could laugh and cry at the same time, emotionally and physically exhausted on the first day of the rest of their lives together. Now a couple could pick up a new baby on the way to get their dry-cleaning. Or they could just have both delivered to their doorstep.

“I don’t feel well,” she said to Jamison. “I think I’m going to call it a day.”

As Aylea and her sister, Dina were the same age (her parents had decided if they were going to go through the hell of raising one child, they might as well have two at once) they were given the “sex talk” at the same time. To her embarrassment, her father pulled out a shoe box containing two anatomically correct dolls that he specifically told them were not play toys. While their mother stared at them intently, her father started the speech, “When two people are attracted to each other, they have what is called sex.” He then inserted the male doll’s plastic penis into the female doll’s smooth plastic vagina. “Sometimes these two people get married and then they pick out little babies to bring into their homes to love and cherish forever. Sometimes they don’t get married, they just have sex a couple times, then become friends.”

“Friends can have sex with each other?” her inquisitive sister asked.

“Of course! Your mom and I were friends when we started having sex.”

“You and mom have sex?!”

Her innocent incredulousness caused an eruption of laughter. “Of course we do, honey. That’s how good friends show they care for each other. Not all friends have to have sex, but mommy and I choose to. You should never have sex with someone you don’t want to have sex with. And you should never do it until you are older than twelve.”

Later that night, Dina rolled over and in a harsh whisper, said, “Can you believe mom and dad have sex? Why would I want to do something they do? They’re probably having sex right now!”

Aylea was silent. All she could think about was the female doll, the way the light curved over the smooth plastic breasts, her face looking up at the plastic face of the male doll. When she went to school the next day she realized she wanted a Catalinia Cocharan to look at her in the same way. Aylea tried to concentrate on class, though all she could think about was Catalinia’s body beneath hers, smiling, waiting for their first kiss. When Aylea’s parents discovered her desire for her same sex, they were not just accepting, they were thrilled. They no longer had to worry about her natural urge to become pregnant.

“Full Wish Pt. 3:”  http://wp.me/p2y5v2-K


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