Full Wish Pt. 3


The government thought about banning TV shows from the twenty-first century, just the ones that had pregnant women. Fearing backlash for censorship, they merely pressed the point that pregnant women were to be looked down upon. Any contemporary movies that were set in the old days showed the agony of pregnancy, and the heartache of carrying a baby to term only to lose it, or have it grow up to be a criminal. And then there was the trend of horror movies, depicting women giving birth to monsters, dragons, aliens and any other sort of demonic spirit. Anyone watching an old sitcom could laugh and enjoy the show, but not without a small amount of pity and embarrassment on the part of the woman. The only action the government did take was not allowing old TV shows to be remastered into holograms, so only historians and a small amount of the public tolerated the one dimensional programs.

Trinity was watching one such program with her new partner, Jillian. The program was nothing more than hired cameramen (they actually had to have people attached to the cameras back then) following around pregnant teenagers. “Can you believe people used to be so stupid they’d let their children have screaming flesh pods ripped out of them. They were probably ruined after that.” Jillian shivered at the thought of going down on a woman who’d naturally birthed a baby.

Trinity broke down in tears.

A few months later, Aylea received a call that woke her in the middle of the night. It was Trinity, her voice like a child’s, as she cried on the other end of the receiver. “I’m in trouble,” she confessed. “I need to see you.”

“Yeah, I can meet you tomorrow for coffee or-”

“No, I need to see you now.”

Aylea took in a deep breath. She had stopped crying herself to sleep over Trinity and something inside her told her if she saw her now, she’d be back to sleeping on a pillow soaked with tears. “I don’t think that’s such a good-”

“I’m pregnant.”

Aylea was pouring her third shot of whiskey when the security screen announced Trinity’s presence. Even the holographic image showed that there was something wrong with Trinity. Her eyes were hollow, her face pale. Aylea downed the shot and opened the door. The shock was tremendous. She had always dreamed about this day, but in her dream the child had been hers, or at least partly hers. The thing inside Trinity’s belly belonged to a stranger. Perhaps with time, a small voice whispered, perhaps with time it could be- Aylea shook the thought from her head.

“How did this happen?” Aylea asked once Trinity calmed down. “The doctors-”

“I was…I was so lost without you. I associated myself with some radicals. People who think like you-” Aylea looked away. Trinity put her hand on Aylea’s. “I mean, people who believe we should go back to the old ways. I heard of a doctor who could reverse what they do to us when we start to have the blood. The blood is what makes us pregnant-”

“Not exactly,” Aylea whispered.

“I know. I know now. But stopping it altogether stops us from becoming-” she looked down at her belly. “This doctor, his method, it works.”

“So why are you here?”

“The doctor’s dead. My friends-the people I thought were my friends, they disappeared.”

“What makes you think I can do anything?”

“Please. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t turn me in. Just say you’ll help me. Please.

“Okay, I’ll help. What should I-”

The room filled with white light and horrendous noise that seemed to scream from every wall. Aylea covered her ears. The pain forced her to the ground. “What’s happening?!” she tried to scream, but she couldn’t hear her own voice. She saw her door kicked in by a figure dressed in black riot gear, carrying a black metal rod. The figure was followed by ten more figures, all pointing the rods at her. The screeching noise stopped abruptly and their angry voices filled the room, yelling at her: “Stay on the ground! Stay on the ground!”

She held her hands out and the black-clad men bound them. Outside, the red strobing lights glinted off the falling rain, turning the drops into blood red spikes falling from the black sky. The armored men pushed her against the wall of her condo and checked to make sure she didn’t have any weapons on her. The men didn’t give her an inch to breathe. They weren’t seeing an athletic woman, but a large muscular man, one that they had recorded proof of his willingness to break the law.

Through her shock, she heard Trinity’s voice. “Wait!” Trinity cried. “Wait, I just want to talk to her. Please!”

The men turned Aylea around. Trinity’s baggy shirt was deflated. In one hand she carried a partial neuro-suit, similar to the one Aylea wore to disguise herself as a man. Trinity ran up to Aylea, wrapped her arms around her neck, her flat belly against Aylea’s. “I’m only trying to help you,” she whispered in her ear.

Aylea’s eyes widened. Trinity pulled back, giving Aylea a deep look of sincerity. Aylea spit in her face. “Traitor.”

Trinity’s knees gave out and she crumpled to the ground. “I’m only trying to help you!”

Aylea struggled against the men as they pulled her away. “You fucking traitor!” she screamed over and over until they injected her and strapped her to a three-inch thick oval shaped disk that hovered horizontally above the ground. One of the visored officers slid a thumb across the rim of the disk and a dark shield enveloped Aylea so that it now resembled a black opal. Then the four men strapped themselves onto similar disks hovered vertically, surrounding her, and had machine guns mounted to their sides. They covered their disks with the same black visors and their red strobing lights pulsated around the perimeter of the disks, pushing traffic aside as they ascended.

Full Wish Pt. 4  http://wp.me/p2y5v2-S


2 thoughts on “Full Wish Pt. 3

    • Thank you for reading 🙂 There will be approximately 6 more parts, under 1,000 words a piece. I really enjoy your mystical/scientific insights. Best of both worlds. And the pic was crystal clear. Looking forward to more of your stuff as well 🙂

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