Full Wish Pt. 6



After exhausting themselves, Sika laid out the plan as she lay in the Aylea‘s embrace. Then she rose and disappeared into the bathroom. When she reappeared she was still a little flushed from their amorous excursion, but her appearance was almost as pristine as when they first met. Aylea guessed she must be able to afford an Auto-Makeover Bathroom in every hotel she stayed in. Aylea would’ve been tempted to try it herself if the situation were different.

Sika said she had business to attend to and would return in a day or two. But their plan would carry forward from there. She was very business-like except for the small kiss she planted on Aylea’s lips. “Make yourself at home,” she said. “The bed is quite exquisite.”

Aylea stayed on the couch, cooling from their passion. She thought about how Jamison must know she was born a female, though he never said anything about it. One night they had gone to his house to work on a project, as was usual since it was on her way home from work. It was also usual for them to have a few drinks, but that night they had more than a few. Jamison started reliving his glory days, when he used to wrestle in college. Aylea, or Jake Liverpool, as he knew her, fueled with the fire of whiskey, challenged him. “I only wrestle bare-chested and in shorts” Jamison retorted.

So she borrowed a pair of his shorts and they wrestled. Though she was stronger, he had more technique. At one point, he had her trapped. Her knees were on the ground, pressed against her chest. He was on top of her. She could feel his bulge against her muscular rump. Then, she felt his hand slide up her thigh and touch the tip of her member. She jumped. “Whoa, whoa, whoa!” she cried in alarm. They stared at each other, still heaving from the physical exertion. “I-I’m just not-I’m not wh-wh-wh-” in her nervousness she couldn’t decide whether to say “who” or “what” so she said, “I’m not whoat you think I am.”

He stared at her and she thought maybe for a moment he’d catch a glimpse of the woman behind the male façade. In fact, when he’d initially touched her, part of her shock came from the fear that it wasn’t going to be a man’s groin that he’d get a handful of. Finally he apologized and got up to make two more drinks. “Hey,” he said, “Please don’t mention this to anyone at the office. It’s not that I care if they know I like men. Can you believe at one time people were persecuted for who they chose to sleep with? Fucking barbarians.”

He brought the two drinks. She was calm now, but still wary. He sat close to her without touching her. The sweat on her hairy chest dried in the cool air. “If it were up to me, after every closing deal, we’d sit around and have an old-fashioned circle jerk.“

Aylea couldn’t contain her burst of laughter.

“I’m serious,” he said with a smile on his face. “Ladies and guys welcome. Just turn down all the lights, let it all hang out and relieve all the tension.”

Aylea couldn’t get a swallow of booze down her giggling throat. “Like a congratulatory pat on the back?”

“Yeah. But seriously. You know what a shark pool that place is. I don’t want them knowing that I…that I…care for you. I don’t want them knowing I have a weakness. They’ll exploit it. But please know, Jake-” Jamison put a hand on Aylea’s forearm and looked deep in her eyes, “I’ll never let my feelings get in the way of our professional relationship.”

From then on Jamison never hinted at knowing her true gender, but every now and then she caught a look from him, one that seemed to be able to discern that her actions had confirmed what he knew. He kept his promise of not letting his feelings jeopardize their professional relationship. In fact, he was the one who helped her meet Trinity. It was two months later and, being too hot to play football, they decided to hit the basketball court. There were kids on the bounce-ball court next to them, leaping off the rubber ground, deflecting off the dome of backboards, bouncing the basketball off of as many backboards as possible before sinking it in the hoop for extra points.

Both Aylea and Jamison preferred the old-fashioned court, pinning each man’s physical capabilities against each other. Trinity had been jogging around the park, distracting Aylea from her opponent. Her game became even worse when Trinity stopped at the court to stretch. Trinity’s skin was bronze, contrasting her blonde, bobbed hair. She was tall and lanky. The elongated muscles in her stretching legs made Aylea’s loins ache.

Jamison noticed her pain. “Hey Jake, think fast.” He made as if he was going to throw the ball right at Aylea’s face. She flinched and in that second he threw the ball just past her shoulder. It’s bouncing path lead right toward Trinity, who was bent over in full stretch, not noticing the ball was coming right for her. It hit her right in her little flat butt. She gave a little squeak and stood up, her brow furrowed in the cutest look of shock and surprise that Aylea had ever seen.

“I’m sorry, my friend is an asshole,” Aylea apologized.

“It’s okay,” Trinity smiled. “Who’s winning?”

Aylea looked back at Jamison, who was practicing his freethrow.

“Ah, he is. He’s much better at basketball than I am. But I can kick his ass in football. He can’t take the physicality of the sport.”

Trinity laughed, but said nothing in return. Aylea knew she had to keep the conversation going or the proverbial fish was going to swim away. “How long have you been running?”

“Oh. Oh gosh, probably forever. I used to run track in high school.”

“So I bet you’re one of the lucky ones that can eat a lot of carbs and stay skinny, huh?”

They stayed on the conversation of food, which led Aylea into the closing question: “I don’t know if you like Indian food, but a really good restaurant opened near my place. Would you like to go, sometime?”

Trinity wrinkled her button shaped nose. “I hate Indian food. I love just sitting at home with a movie and some chinese take-out.”

“Coincidentally, a really good Chinese take out place just opened up…”

It was their first shared laugh. “I’d love to,” Trinity said, wiping the humurous tears from her eyes. She touched her zebra-striped wrist band to Aylea’s gold wrist band, instantly transferring her phone number. “I’m free Saturday night, if you are.”

The attraction was strong and mutual. They had sex on the first night, spilling containers of lo-mein and crab ragoon on Aylea’s marble floor. It took Aylea only a week and a half to make her confession.

“Not to offend, but I thought maybe you could be, you know, open-gender.” Aylea was offended, but Trinity continued, “You’re very good in bed, and I think it’s not just because of your… uh, strength, but the your insatiable passion as well.”  Aylea didn’t know what to say.  But Trinity, an angel of empathy, put her hand on Aylea’s hand and said, “Why don’t you take the suit off and let me experience all of you.”


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