A Beacon of Light


sketch by: JustPaperKid

As a writer I am involved in a social structure that consists of many talented artists, most of whom agree that some of the most beautiful, ingenious masterpieces have stemmed from tragedy.  However, my friends and acquaintences become obsessed with discussing/posting about nothing but the tragedies of this world, ignoring the beautiful and the good.

Lucky for me I stumbled upon a ray of sunshine in Tonya Mcoy’s sublime coverage of the everyday miracles that drastically impact this planet for the better.  It is her job to extract the joy of art, music, community and transcribe the metaphysical; a job she does well.  She has covered artists like Laura Wattles (JustPaperKid) who has created work for Aerosmith, Oprah Winfrey and Al Roker.  Miss Mcoy also has the distinguished honor of sharing the talents of artists who create art of a different nature.  For example, in “A Garden of Hope” (@Urban Magazine, March Issue) she explores a homeless shelter in Atlanta that, with help from the community, created a community garden, where the homeless don’t just feed their bellies, but their pride and self-worth as well.

A writer like Tonya is the very definition of “A Beacon of Light” as she sheds light on the everyday struggles, defeats and victories of talented artists and people who fight to make this world a better place.

For more work by the artist JustPaperKid

For “10 Years With The Poser” and other articles by Tonya Mcoy


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